Twotrees TS2 10W Laser Engraver Machine 450x450mm


 Endless possibilities for DIY creations

1.Lager size 450x450mm

2.10W Laser Power

3.32-Bit Motherboard

4.Horizontal Gyroscope

5.Top-Notch Safety

6.Combined Laser

7.Air Assist

8.APP Connect

9.Patent Structure

10.Auto Focus

✅ 10W laser power & 0.08mm Engraving accuracy & 17.7'' x 17.7'' Working Area;

 Intelligent design to automatically focus laser spot;

✅ Support App, Windows & Mac control;

 It can engrave stainless steel and cut up to 15mm plywood & 3mm acrylic board;

 Security alarm, one emergency stop.

With 10W Laser output,your TS2 will be able to cut through plywood and pinewood up to 8mm thick,or engrave on any hard surface including stainless steel.

Supports engraving and cutting materials including stainless steel,plastic,wood,leather,aluminum,apraying layer,etc.

1.New Y-axis motion structure design ensures it stable and synchronized operation,suitable for high-speed movements.

2.Y-axis tensioner

XY axis tensioner:adjusts and tightens the timing belt by the tensioning pulley to improve the precision of the movement.

3.Limit Switch Design

Limit switches are installed on both X-axis and Y-axis.Easy to control the stoke whenever necessary.When the engraving stoke is atits maximum,the limit function will be automatically triggered to protect the laser and avoid collisions.