TwoTrees TTS-20 Pro CNC Metal Laser Engraver Support Offline Control Laser Cutter Leather Wood Acrylic Tools with Limit Switch

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1.New Eye Protection Design: The laser protective cover perfectly protect your eyes,filter UV light for 97%.

2.Easy to assemble for beginners : The overall frame is packaged and shipped Machine pre-installed 98% and the assembly can generally be completed within 5-10 minutes.

3.Laser Module:COS CHIP UPGRADE More Effecient thermal pathand improved heat dissipation The lighter laser head and the Y-axis dual motor design make the product have a stronger engraving speed, up to 30000mm/min, that is, 500mm/s, which greatly improves the engraving efficiency.

4.Limit Switch:The limit switch ensures thatthe laser head engraves safely and correctly.

5.Gifts included: To improve the engraving and cutting effect for users, we have included air pumps and honeycomb panels to give you a better shopping experience.

Product Description

Machine Size: 695*595*125 mm

Motherboard: 32bitMachine

Machine Weight: 3.2 kg

Package weight: 9KG

Machine Power: 130W
Laser electric power: 90W

Laser Power: 20-22W

Engraving Size: 418*418mm

iPower Type: USA/EU Plug(Optional)

Laser Wavelength: 450±5nm

Software Support System: Mac, Windows

Engraving Accuracy: 0.08mm

Material: Aluminum Profile+Plastic Parts

Electrical Requirement: 24V 4A DC


Maximum Engraving Speed: 30000mm/min

Supported Software:LASERGRBL(Window),Lightburn(Common)

Software Support Languages: English, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Czech,Spanish,Russian,Polish,etc 13 languages

Working Environment: Rhtemperature 5-40'C, Humidity 20-60%RH

Engraving Method: USB Connect PC, TF Card(APP, Webpage control)

Engraving Materials: Wood, Plastic, Paper, Leather, Sponge Paper, AluminaEngraving Mode: Image carving/Text carving/Scanning carving/Contour carving/Pixel carving

Questions you may care about:

1.QA: I saw the link shows 130W and 20W, but what is the difference between them?

AN: 130W is electric power, 20W is real output. This 20W determines the efficiency of the machine, currently the highest output power on the market is 20W.

2. QA: What are the features of this TTS-20 Pro that I should start with?

AN: First of all, it is the most powerful machine that can cut sheet metal. Plus, it engraves vibrant colors and higher contrast on metal. Additionally, it comes with an air assist kit and honeycomb panels.

3.QA: Because of its value, I'm afraid it will be damaged or I don't know how to operate it, how do you deal with these?

AN: Don't worry, there are instruction manuals and video tutorial QR code in the box, which will teach you how to install and operate.



Why Choose TTS-20 Pro

1 Upgrade-laser-solution_2.webp__PID:eb5e3aa3-e439-4e9f-b3f1-72d52d07afbb

Upgrade laser solution

20W laser with compressed spot technology and COS technology solution delivers superior laser cutting performance.

2 Fast_and_efficient_engraving.webp__PID:afbbf1bb-238d-4a31-a36e-ccde49024ea7

Fast and efficient engraving

Up to 500mm/s engraving speed, lighter in size and more flexible in movement.

3 Save_installation_time.webp__PID:4ea73913-5efc-488c-bd2f-954eb8b8178d

Save installation time

98% pre-assembled, easy as plug-and-play, perfect for beginners.

4 Support-Offline-Engraving_2.webp__PID:178d1745-fc00-4b9d-82ec-464f7b34acab

Support Offline Engraving

Connect and control it easily, supports operation via WIFI, TF card and USB connection.

5 Large-Working-Area_3.webp__PID:acab6fed-9e5b-40d2-949b-32bbdb32e9ef

Large Working Area

418mm x 418mm working area to meet more engraving needs.

6 Free-Gift.webp__PID:e9efbc19-0268-4db7-aaa7-878dc3189e5e

Free Gift

400mm honeycomb panel and air assist kit for longer machine life and accurate cutting.

Two Trees TTS-20 Pro

Unleash Your Creativity with Upgrade TTS Pro Series

Tech Specs

Model No. TTS-20 PRO
Machine Material Aluminum Profile + Sheet Metal + Injection Molded Parts
Laser Power 20W Compressed Spot (Cos Technology)
Spot Compression Technology Yes
Laser Wavelength 450Nm±5Nm
Output Power 20W
Spot Size 0.08*0.08Mm
Height Adjustment Method Lifting Module Adjustment (Manual)
Focusing Method Focus
Machine Size 695*620*125Mm
Engraving Size 418*418Mm
Xy Axis Positioning Accuracy 0.1MM
Engraving Precision 0.1MM
Engraving Speed 30000MM/Min
Engraving Method Usb Connection\App\Wireless Computer Web Terminal
Carving Material Wood, Plastic, Paper, Leather, Sponge Paper
Software Recognition Format Nc, Dxf, Bmp, Jpg, Png, Gcode
Continuous Working Hours ≤6 Hours
Engraving Mode Graphic Engraving, File Engraving, Scan Engraving, Contour Engraving, Pixel Engraving
Control Panel 32-Bit Main Control Board
Language Chinese, English, Italian, French, German
Machine Weight 3.2Kg
Package Size 745*648*170Mm
Package Weight 9.05Kg
Power Supply 24V 4A Dc
Operating System Windows, Mac
Support Software Laser GRBL: Open Source Free Software, Support Win Xp/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10 System
LightBurn: Paid Software, Supports Win Xp/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10 System, Mac System;
Working Environment Temperature 5-40 Degrees Celsius, Humidity 20-60%Rh


TS 20W.jpg__PID:8fac35ad-0687-4efd-b7e2-fa3177c8094e
20 Pro.png__PID:094ed1d5-9aac-4f0c-8685-fc02a0282d8c
TS2 10W.jpg__PID:2d8cfa0b-b41c-47db-afd9-5977f380efe7
Table header 0Table header 1Table header 2Table header 3
Laser Machines TS2 20WTTS-20 ProTS2 10W
Laser Module 20W 20W 10W 
StructureSemi-enclosed Semi-enclosed Semi-enclosed 
Speed 10,000mm/min 30,000mm/min 10,000mm/min 
Size 733*721*172mm 695*595*125mm 733*721*172mm
Engraving Area 410*410mm 418*418mm 450*450mm
Extended EngravingArea450*750mm 600*600mm 450*750mm 
Electrical Requirement 24V 4A DC 24V 4A DC 24V 4A DC 
Electrical Power 40W 40W 40W 
Laser Wavelength 450+5nm 445+5nm 445+5nm 
Spot Size 0.05*0.1mm 0.05*0.1mm 0.05*0.25mm
Spot Mode Square Spot Square Spot Square Spot 
Focal Distance 50mm 50mm 50mm 
Main Material Aluminum+PC Aluminum+PC Aluminum
Laser Level Class IV Class IV Class IV 
Service Life >15,000h >15,000h >10,000h
Safety Protections 777