Enable Filament Run Out Detection on Your KINGROON KP3S Pro V2 in 5 Minutes


This tutorial will show you how to enable the filament run out detection on your KINGROON KP3S Pro V2. Actually, it is a feature that is prepared since the beginning.

Before start, you can get a filament sensor here: https://kingroon.com/products/3d-printer-filament-detection-sensor That’s the only thing you need to prepare.

After that, if you are using the latest KP3S Pro V2 or you can config Klipper by your own, you can proceed the next step directly. Or you can get and flash the latest system image with the below tutorial:

How to Flash the EMMC Chip on Kingroon KP3S Pro V2 and KLP1


Step 1

Turn off the printer, remove the bottom cover then connect the filament run out sensor to the “PA1” port.

P1 KP3S Pro V2 and Filament Sensor

Go to the Y-axis motor, put the cable in through the hole near it.

P2 Set up the cable

Then connect the it to the PA1 port and use some zip to fix it.

P3 Connect to the PA1 port

After that you can put everything back and arrange the cables.

P4 Sensor installed


Step 2

Arrange the cables and install the sensor. The filament sensor has a cable that is over 1 meter, you need to fix it with the current ones to make it won’t cause any troubles.

P5 KP3S Pro V2 with sensor installed

Then you can install the filament sensor with screws on the left side, like a KP3S Pro S1, or at the top of Z-axis. For the second way, you better get one print to make the filament guide smoothly. Since the KP3S Pro V2 prints in high speed, fixing it with ZIP won’t be enough.

Once you turn on the printer and insert the filament, the sensor should be on blue light. So, when the filament runs out on your KP3S Pro V2, the printing will be paused. After adding the filament, you can go the Klipper dashboard to resume it. 

Since it is Klipper and our system images are updating, the resume printing might be automagical soon.

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