Change Log of the KINGROON KP3S Pro V2 Klipper 3D Printer

It has been one year since we released the KINGROON KP3S Pro V2 on April 7, 2023. Let’s talk about the changes we made based on the real-life feedback in this year.


April 2023

The original KP3S Pro V2 was released on April 7, 2023, with the brand new Klipper mainboard installed and a new designed 5:1 extruder kit.

P1 KP3S Pro V2 High-Speed Printing Feature

With the customized Klipper system, advanced THR board, powerful Klipper Mainboard(KINGROON KP Cheetah v1.0 Mainboard), and internet connection, so people can control the printer with any screen, in anytime and at anywhere.


Specification to mentioned:


1.Screen less

So, the original version of KP3S Pro V2 is screen less, it is totally controlled by internet with your smartphone or other devices with a screen and internet. As it you may know from the later article, the KINGROON KP Cheetah v1.0 Mainboard doesn’t have a screen port that time.

But people are able to use an HDMI screen to enjoy the full Klipper Screen feature with the HDMI port.


2. 5:1 gear ratio extruder

So, the original extruder kit is a 5:1 gear ratio, using an 8500-ring cooling fan, V5 heatblock and KP3S heatbreak, and already has the THR board inside.

P2 5to1 Extruder kit for the original KP3S Pro V2 Type

It is not hard to tell that the original KP3S Pro V2 doesn’t use all metal hotend, the support to high temperature material like ABS are not so good, the top temperature os


3. Internet connection

The KINGROON KP Cheetah v1.0 Mainboard does support the ether net connection and external USB wireless adapter. So, there are two ways to connect the original KP3S Pro V2 to the internet, by ether net or wireless adapter. Check Internet Connection and Wi-Fi Configuration on the KP3S Pro V2 and KLP1 3D Printers to know more details about it.

P3 Internet Connection on KP3S Pro V2


June 2023

Like we mentioned in “That’s how we make every KINGROON 3D Printer” the original KP3S Pro V2 was under the same process before they were shipping to our oversea warehouse by sea. After the releasing of the KP3S Pro V2, we start to receive real-life feedbacks and do the necessary improvement right after that. One of the most critical issues is the deformed heatbed bracket.  Some customers claimed to us that they received a KP3S Pro V2 with a deformed heatbed bracket, which makes the printer cannot be leveled properly. We look into these cases then find the local shipping should be the cause, as the same issue has never been found during its developing, producing and testing.


1. The New heatbed Bracket


The engineers of KINGROON takes it seriously, they give an improved version based on testing so quick.

P4 New heatbed bracket of the KP3S Pro V2

The new bracket is square one, it makes the force more even, and also is a stronger structure. Once we found it works, we produce them volume, send them as replacements to those who has the issue on the printer, and make the new bracket as default setup on the newer version.

There are also several other upgrade we made on the newer version.


2. The 12864 screens

The screen version of KP3S Pro V2 becomes available in June 2023. Thanks to the port on the

KINGROON KP Cheetah v2.0 Mainboard, the newer V2 has a screen by default. The printer can be controlled more conveniently by turning and pressing the knob. We also released the tutorial to show people how to do the initial set up for KP3S Pro V2 with the screen.

P5 KP3S Pro V2 Screen Version


3. The 9.5:1 gear ratio Extruder Kit with all metal hotend

All metal hot end is one thing we have been heard for a long time, people have the needs of printing ABS. We did make it happen and provide the upgrade kit for our old models like KP3S and KP5L. So, after the release of the KP3S Pro V2, we start to think about use it, too.


Then we add CHC heating core and all metal hotend, which make it have capability of printing ABS. The nozzle temperature can go up to 300, plus the all metal hotend, ABS printing is time. The extruder kit was also upgraded to 9.5:1 gear ratio, it is certainly better for high speed printing. The part fan upgraded to a 9500-ring bearing fan to provide better cooling.

P6 Gen 1 KP3S Pro v2 9.5t o 1 Extruder Kit


4.The Build-in WIFI Module

The mainboard upgrade brings the WIFI support for KP3S Pro V2 with a build-in WIFI module. People can connect the printer to internet with both ways, WIFI and ether net cable. But we do suggest using ether net to have a more stable connection, especially when you have a weak router, or have to many devices within the same connection.

P7 Fast connection on KP3S Pro V2 wireless and wired


August 2023

Both KP3S Pro V2 and KLP1 keep updating, after hearing the voices from the customers. For example, we keep updating the system images regularly, we keep updating tutorials to help people use them better, and we keep updating the presets to support more materials and slicers.

One thing special in August 2023 is we start to change to use speed-adjustable-fan as default. So, we did send a lot of replacements fans for those who wants to adjust the fan speed for more material printing. We see the needs and the improvements on printing with the new fan, so we thought it is better to make it default.


October 2023 

There are two major change that we made on the KP3S Pro V2. We start to use KLP1 hotend on KP3S Pro V2 and we upgrade the Klipper unit setups.


1.The KLP1 Hotend on KP3S Pro V2

People might have noticed the difference between the hotends of KP3S Pro V2 and KLP1. The KLP1 has a slimmer heatbreak, which makes its better for extrusion. So, we decide to use KLP1 hotend on KP3S Pro V2 as well.

P8 KP3S Pro V2 Hotend Develop


2. The Klipper Unit Setups

It is also the time the KINGROON KP Cheetah Mainboard comes to its 2.2 version, with upgraded WIFI module, enhanced CAN BUS connection and removed build-in battery.

P9 KP3S Pro V2 Klipper Unit Setups

In this version, we change the THR cable connection and we reinforced the connector with Glue and screws. Due to the high-speed printing of Klipper, the old version of KP3S Pro V2 requires the THR Cable to be fixed. Otherwise the THR board might be disconnected from the host computer and causing errors. So we start to use a new connector on the THR board and use two screws to reinforce the connection.

As we mentioned in Klipper Mainboard - KINGROON KP Cheetah Mainboard , we removed the build-in battery that was there on the previous versions, the v2.2 mainboard is also more stable now. 

And of course, we bring the whole setup to the KP3S Pro V2 and KLP1, these changes are default now.

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