Cura Profile / Settings to Download for Kingroon KP3S

In this article, we'll guide you through to work out the best Cura profile for our Kingroon KP3S 3D printer. The profile would cover key values in Cura settings for the print of the most common 3D print material PLA

How to Set Cura Profile on the Software

You can access to the Cura profile through the following steps:

Preferences > Printers > Add Printer > Add a non-networked printer.

Scroll to “Kingroon”, expand the section, and select Kingroon KP3S or Kingroon KP3.

Cura profile kingroon kp3s

Now you already accessed to the basic Cura settings for your printer. 

Kingroon KP3S PLA Cura Profile

Cura profile for PLA to DOWNLOAD.

Printing temperature: 200 °C
Bed temperature: 60 °C
Speed: 50 mm/s
Layer height: 0.12 mm
Retraction: 6 mm at 25 mm/s
Infill: 20%
Initial layer speed: 20 mm/s
Initial fan speed: 0%

Extruder Nozzle Temperature

The normal nozzle temperature for PLA / PLA+ print is around 180 degrees to 220 degrees. PLA of different brands or manufacturers may vary on the print temperature. Here is the nozzle temperature for various 3D print materials.

PLA / PLA+ Print Temp 190 degrees
TPU Print Temp 210 degrees
ABS Print Temp 230 degrees
PETG Print Temp 240 degrees
Nylon Print Temp 250-300 degrees


3D Printer Bed Temperature

PLA / PLA+ Bed Temp 50 degrees
TPU Bed Temp 60 degrees
PETG Bed Temp 70 degrees
ABS Bed Temp 100 degrees
Nylon Bed Temp 100 degrees


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Kingroon 3D Official - abril 4, 2022

We’re so sorry to hear that. Would you pls replace the old version of Cura to try?

alex - marzo 31, 2022

my kingroon kp3 is not recognized by Ultimaker Cure (latest version). The PC sees the serial port! Windows 10 pro. What to do ?

Kingroon 3D official - marzo 19, 2022

We’re so sorry for that, could you pls replace another SD card to try?

Kingroon 3D official - marzo 19, 2022

If you change the nozzle, just need to change the thickness

omar - marzo 14, 2022

I have an KP3S board STM32F103 V1.2
Each time i generate the gcode file (Cura V14.13.1) and when start the printing from sd card
the printer restart and don’t print!? try again same problem
I tried different files same problem
What shall i do?

Ismenc - marzo 2, 2022

How should parameters be adjusted when you change nozzle?
I got nice results when i switched to 0.6mm but when i tested 0.8mm i got insane stringing. Should PID’s be adjusted?

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