Kingroon KP5L 3D Printer 300*300mm Large Print Size

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Kingroon KP5L 3D printer with 300*300*330mm printing size. More stable and accurate print with double axis SGR15 linear rail guide on XYZ axis. Kingroon KP5L inherits the Titan direct extruder used on Kingroon KP3S, which has great compatibility for flexible filament print, like TPU, PLA, wood filament, etc. 

Note: Mexico customers, we don’t hope the only two shipping services we use in Mexico(iMile and BigSmart) cause you any trouble or delay your plans. Sometimes they could update slowly or don’t have status. Placing orders means you can accept that.

Estimate Time of iMile or BigSmart: 7-30 days

Linear Rail SGR15
On All XYZ-Axis

More stable movement and higher print accuracy from linear SGR 15 rails on all XYZ-axis. 

Titan Direct Drive Extruder

Lightweight, yet powerful direct extruder.

Compact & Lightweight Motor

Lightweight and compact Nema 17 stepper motor.

3:1 Gear Reduction

3:1 gearing triples the resolution of the system and allows for smooth printing.

Every Material

Good for PLA, ABS, TPU, Nylon printing.

32bit Silent Mainboard

High performance 32bit mainboard.
Ultra quiet print with TMC2225 stepper driver.
Now you can work without disturbed in your print room.

10min Quick Assembly

meet the founder

Removable Carborundum Glass Platform

Tempered Glass Print Surface

Kingroon KP5L uses a carborundum glass plate, which has a microporous structure, which not only makes the model easier to disassemble but also makes the hotbed flatter, providing better printing effection.

Different Print Sizes
To Meet Your Requires

Kingroon KP5M & Kingroon KP5L

KP5M: 230*230*230mm

KP5L: 300*300*330mm
*Note: Hotbed size is 310*320mm, the print size is 300*300*330mm.

Kingroon KP5L 3D Printers Spec

TechnologyFDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printerBed Temp≤ 100℃
Print Volumn
300*300*330mmNozzle Temp≤ 260℃
Nozzle Sizedefault 0.4mmResume PrintYes
Filament Diameter1.75mmFilament DetectorYes
Control BoardSTM32Auto LevelingNo
UI Languages9 languages (EN / RU / JP / FR / ES / DE / IT / KR / CN)Printing Speed30-150 mm/s
Material CompatibilityPLA / PETG / TPU / ABS, etc.Voltage115/230V. ac 50/60 Hz
Print SurfaceTempered glass plateMachine Power300W
Print ViaUSB /  TF cardOperating SystemWIN / XP / MAC / Linux / Vista
Machine Size375*395*430mmPackaging Size670*560*220mm
Net Weight14kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Roberto Giuffrè
High potential with same flaws

I like this printer for the SGR rails.
But it lacks different things.
The most important 3D Touch, on a large format printer it's mandatory.
2nd very important is a belt sync for Z axis.
I had some minor problems with the bed electrical plug.
Also firmware is bad and incomplete, fortunately Marlin compile, works well on this printer and adds quality with Linear Advance technology.
And due to small clearance it's impossible to put Oldham couplers on Z rods.
It's a bad implementation of a great idea.

Bartosz Liberski
Needs polishing

Satisfied with my KP3S Pro I decided to switch to the KP5L for the bigger build volume. Here are my observations:

Design Flaws
- UNSYNCHRONIZED Z AXIS MOTORS - no belt or second endstop, its easy to lose calibration.
- FIRMWARE FLAWS - for example on manual pause/stop the Z axis will try to move higher than physically possible, causing a collision at the top and lose of calibration. It's better to quickly restart the machine than to press STOP.

Production/Assembly Flaws:
- X belt ends were attached in wrong places causing the X belt to not be parallel. Fortunately it's easy to fix.
- Platform was slightly rotated in the Z axis. This was visible when moving the Y axis, one side of the bed would get very close to one of the Z axis rails. Fortunately removing the bed, loosening the platform support plate and rotating it in the opposite direction fixed it.

That said the print quality is good, the machine is solid and I'm keeping it. I fixed the production flaws and also upgraded to klipper which took care of firmware issues. Still working on the other stuff.

Alejandro Gómez
Buena, pero le falta.

le doy 5 estrellas porque es una excelente base para comenzar con precio contenido, sin embargo hay detalles que podrían solucionarse como: hotend, se atasca mucho y lo mejor es cambiar la garganta o comprar un bimetal. Pantalla muy pequeña para su tamaño. y por lo menos mi unidad llego con un problema de tensor del eje X doblado (donde dice KP) no fue mas que enderezarlo con golpes y hacerlo funcionar, la recomiendo

José Carlos Perales Muñoz
Buena relación calidad-precio

La impresora está bastante bien con gran volumen de construcción y bajo ruido. La pantalla de control podía ser un poco más grande.
El montaje es muy sencillo siguiendo las instrucciones del manual. De momento contento con la impresora.

Juan Manuel Reyes Rojas
Todo bien

Muy tardado el envío, pero la impresora funciona bastante bien