Bed Leveling Tutorial for the KINGROON KP3S Pro V2 and KLP1 klipper 3D Printer

Bed leveling process is one of the most important process of the initial setup on your KINGROON KP3S Pro V2 and KLP1 3D printers.

The following steps are for the initial setup. If your printer is already been used, please preheat the heatbed and nozzle first. 

Prepare, internet connection

If your printer doesn’t have a screen, please check the following tutorial to connect your printer to the internet.

Internet Connection and Wi-Fi Configuration on the KP3S Pro V2 and KLP1 3D Printers

After that, please use your phone to control the printer, it would be easier to monitor the nozzle and do the adjustment. The Macros field is what you need to find and it will help you do all the process for the initial setup.

P1 Control with Phone

After the leveling process, you can also check the below tutorial for the rest setups. 

Initial Unboxing Setup for the KINGROON KLP1 and KP3S Pro V2 3D Printers


Setup the Z offset

Click to the “Z_OFFSET” button, then your printer will start to move and stop above the center of the bed. And a chart will appear on your screen. Click on the buttons before and after the distances, you can lift and low down the extruder and find out the best Z probe distance.

P2 Chart on Screen


Put a paper on the bed. Lower the nozzle about 6.5mm, then slide it to feel the distance. Once you can slide the paper freely with the scratch feeling, you can click “ACCEPT” on the chart.


P3 Paper for adjusting

After that, your printer should save the probe settings automatically. The “Console” field will show as below. For some versions, you might need to click “SAVE_CONFIG”, if the next step cannot be proceeded.

P4 Probe values stored

After that, you can take the paper away and finish the final step. For probe adjusting, we suggest starting from large too small. Once the estimate distance be found, you can adjust with the smallest values. It should help you get the best result. 

Auto Bed Leveling

Click the “AUTO LEVELING” button, the extruder will start to measure the bed and test for 36 points.

P5 Auto Bed Leveling


Once the measurement is finished, the extruder will stop at the last point and the system will store the settings automatic.

P6 ABL Settings saved


After that, you should be able to see “Klipper state: Disconnect” in the “Console” field. You are all set.


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BB - junio 18, 2024

How do i see bed level status on fluidd display. I have run auto level but there is is no topography displayed. Is it missing, or do we need to turn it on?

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