Kingroon KP3S 3D Touch Installation

To install 3D Touch leveling sensor on Kingroon KP3S 3D printer, we would recommend you to use it based on Marlin firmware. 

Kingroon KP3S 3D Touch Mount

3D Touch Wiring to the Mainboard

Plug 3D Touch wires into the corresponding ports on the mainboard of your Kingroon KP3S. 

The white line is the signal pin. The black line is the ground. There are information on the board. S for signal. G for ground.

Kingroon KP3S 3D printer bltouch

The colors of cables may varies from different bltouch manfacturers. There are 3 pins port on the mainboard: G, 5V, S. Insert the connectors to the 3 pins port accordingly.

Here is the cable information of the 3D Touch on our site:

Green line: -, GND

Red line: + 5V

Yellow line: signal line

Kingroon KP3S bltouch installation

Update 3D Touch Firmware for KP3S 

Kingroon KP3S with 3D Touch leveling sensor modification firmware to DOWNLOAD.

Configure the Z-offset Value

To configure the Z-offset value of Kingroon KP3S. Open the .txt file in the firmware files you downloaded from the above link.

1. Change the mode as” cfg_leveling_mode” 1

kingroon kp3s BLTouch instructions 

2. Setup endstop into Z Min_Probe_endstop_inverting 0 # Z probe

kingroon kp3s bltouch installation

3. Set the leveling probe on Zmax: Z_min_probe_pin_mode 2

kingroon kp3s bltouch installation

4. Setup the X, Y, Z axis offset.

If the distance between the extruder and the platform is too close when printing, then reduce the Z-axis offset value, otherwise, increase it. Normally, we don't need to change the value of X probe offset from exand Y probe offset from extruder.

kingroon kp3s bltouch installation

5. Set 3 (grid points) as bed leveling method

kingroon kp3s bltouch leveling

6. Set leveling range as follows

Kingroon KP3S Bltouch firmware

7. Run 3D Touch on Kingroon KP3S: 3D TOUCH 1

kingroon kp3s bltouch

Adjust the Z-offset Value

Now everything is ready to start adjusting the Z-offset value of your Kingroon KP3S. You need to adjust the Z-offset on the above .txt file as well. 

Adjust the Z probe offset from extruder value down a little at a time to avoid your nozzle crashes into the heatbed and leads to any damages.  

In this firmware version, you could only adjust Z-offset value through the .txt file in the firmware. Do not support Z-offset adjusting on control screen. 

Kingroon KP3S z-offset value

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Вячеслав - diciembre 18, 2022

Сделайте пожалуйста для Kingroon KP3S PRO прошивку с bltouch

Craig - noviembre 2, 2022

I have followed your directions to the letter, installing the firmware update you linked to and setting the offset as specified in the Thingaverse probe bracket link. After the firmware flash, selecting “Autolevel” simply moves the Z axis down until the bumper makes contact with the switch, at which point it stops and does nothing else. Pressing autolevel again raises the Z axis slightly before repeating this process.

An3a - octubre 17, 2022

I install the geetech 3d touch v.3.2 and don’t work motherboard 303, the red ligth stay on and dont do nothing. when i press autoleveling move ma don’t work……

An3a - octubre 17, 2022

I install the geetech 3d touch v.3.2 and don’t work motherboard 303, the red ligth stay on and dont do nothing. when i press autoleveling move ma don’t work……

Michel - agosto 24, 2022

On my mainboard, Z- is not available. Only Z+, so I wired the black and white cable there. I am using the 3DTouch V3.2

My leveling does not work. when switching on, the 3DT blinks red twice and when click autolevel, it moves to point 1, then goes up ad sits there, about 1.5" above the bed. I would assume because of the Z+???? What can I change to correct this in the config file? Thank you in advance!

Martin - agosto 17, 2022

I’m trying using 3D Touch 3.2 by Geeetech – no success. I tried test probe with:

M280 P0 S120 … continualy test probe down/up … WORKS
M280 P0 S160 … reset (stop continualy test) … WORKS
M280 P0 S10 … probe down … NOT WORKS
M280 P0 S90 … probe up … NOT WORKS

Your firmware for GD32F303 (board v1.3)does not support 3D Touch ? Btw – where can I get stock firmware for this GD32F303 board ? There is missing bed leveling submenu now.

When is pluged Z-stop to Z- terminal, then is not possible controll Z-axis via PC and G-CODE.

Martin - agosto 17, 2022

On your photos is Black/White pluged once to Z- , once to Z+. What is relevant ?

Martin - agosto 16, 2022

Flashed fw for BLTouch to KP3S board with GD32F303. When is printer turned on, 3D touch shines red and probe twice goes out and back.
But when I am using ‘Autoleveling’ button , 3D touch only shines red but no movement.

Micael - julio 30, 2022

Eu utilizo o lazer porem quando instalei o firmware do Bl 3d touch apagou o firmware do lazer, como posso usar o lazer e o sensor de nivelamento da mesa ao mesmo tempo

Miroslav - junio 16, 2022

Good day
I have a problem with the product’s functionality.
I have Kingroon KP3s and when I followed this manual, the device does not work.
I connect product:
When the printer is switched on, it extends and retracts the measuring point twice, moves up and stops. I measured all the cables and everything is fine.
I also tried to exchange the Z + pins for the Z-, and the result was just that my head didn’t stop when I went home.
I do not know where the problem is.
Can you help me? Thank you

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