Kingroon KP3S SD Card Files to Download

Original Kingroon KP3S 3D printer SD card files to DOWNLOAD.

Including Kingroon KP3S user guide in English, German, Russian, and Japanese. 

Kingroon KP3S stock fan duct stl file.

Test stl files. 

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Mariusz - septiembre 5, 2023

Uruchamianie drukarki kończy się na loading, drukarka się zawiesza.

victor antonio amaya rojas - julio 23, 2023

hola recientemente adquirí la kingroon kps3 S1 intento imprimir pero se escucha un pitido fuerte y no hace nada mas que paso tengo que hacer para poder imprimir gracias

Allan Christensen - junio 17, 2023

Used once now err5 :(

Richard - abril 19, 2023

When I try to print, there is a loud beeping sound. What is the issue and how do I fix?

Fernando Carvalho - febrero 23, 2023

Boa noite,
Comprei uma KP3 – FDM montei tudo certo e quando inseri o cartão para realizar o teste da impressão simplesmente não há nenhuma informação no cartão, é normal essa situação?

steve - febrero 22, 2023

I got a few nice prints off the machine then I tried printing abs now the printer does not work when trying to het the bed it starts to heat then reboots. I tried to print without the heat bed It starts printing and after a minute just stops then I have the ERR7 Please help with this problem Thank you

Сергей - febrero 10, 2023

Добрый день. Купил ваш принтер, флешка в комплекте не читалась пришлось отфарматировать. Прошу выслать на почту содержимое стоковой флешки.

Javier - noviembre 17, 2022

I can’t feed PLA through the Titán extruder, It doesn’t go in, and it’s all new, just bought the Kp3s printer and trying to work with It.
Preheat, press the arm and try to push the filament, but nothing. There’s an option into the printing menú, and the extruder wheels turno, but filament doesn’t go down.
What can I do? Any step?

Andy - septiembre 20, 2022

Err 7: Thermal Runaway
Check the nozzle temperature or hot bed temperature by tapping “Preheat” button. A negative number indicates that the thermistor is in poor contact or damaged.

Aaron - septiembre 11, 2022

Hello I just bought a kp3s and I have the err 7 problem, how can I fix it, it comes at certain hight always

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