Lychee Slicer for Kingroon KP6 Mono LCD 3D Printer

We're so excited to announce that our Kingroon KP6 mono LCD 3D printer has supported profile in Lychee slicer V3.6.1.

It's given our users another great slicer option, except for the ChituBox slicer.

kingroon kp6 supports lychee slicer 

You could DOWNLOAD Lychee slicer V3.6.1 on the official website of Lychee.

And choose Kingroon KP6 in the entry part of the slicer. 

Then you could get our official recommended slicing profile for our Kingroon KP6 mono LCD 3D printer. 

default profile of Kingroon KP6 on LycheeSlicer



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