Kingroon KP5L Firmware to Download

Kingroon KP5L (half-assembled version) stock firmware to DOWNLOAD.

Kingroon KP5L (full diy version) stock firmware to DOWNLOAD. This is Marlin firmware that need you to compile. 

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Elijah - septiembre 22, 2023

Installed back to factory firmware(supposedly) mulitple times and the x Axis is reversed on both KP5L printers. I’m going to have to pay someone on Fiver to fix this error.

Elijah - septiembre 15, 2023

Your firmware is incorrect. I ordered and installed the 3D touch perfectly on 2 kp5l and I’m really starting to regret my purchase.

ronaldo ferraz - agosto 25, 2023

the worst printer on the planet , and there is no one in this company to help with problems that came from the factory , the display goes off , it does not pause , temperature changes without me asking , and now it does not print anymore because it does not find the z axis , table is screwing up , warped table , etc… I bought it a month ago and I can not get my rights , I paid for rubbish

Carlo - junio 4, 2023

I have a big head of hair, when I turn on Kpl5 it already starts to heat up, by itself and it goes beyond 200°. I have replaced the sensor and the problem continues. Should I knit the mini board? what is the name and morelo of the plate that is attached to the left side Z axis, where can I find this plate to buy?. Thanks

AhoraEn3D - mayo 15, 2023


Juan Calle - mayo 12, 2023

Me pueden colaborar con el firmware original para la kingroon kp5M por favor.

bytlan - mayo 10, 2023

Every piece of firmware run on this machine just prints a while then runs and does something strange and tries to pick up where it was and print again. Complete trash. The hardware and display look good but not one thing more has been good. Direct Usb CONNECTIONS are even worse as it tries to do a bed centering alignment line print pattern – bed centering and a 45 degree travel till the bed has to do a belt over run and then come back to a different bed center. But it is suppose to be doing a model print. Where is the code to fix this? Something in the firmware is just so far out of wack that it is nothing but pure sabotage operations.

Igor - mayo 8, 2023

Hello! Installed Klipper and it works great. I had to roll back to the factory firmware, the hot block does not heat up. What could be the problem?

Jorge - abril 20, 2023

KP5L is trash I have replaced the original board with 2 other boards that are trash as well. I’m very disappointed with this product.

Andrey - marzo 29, 2023

#warning "Maple build environments are deprecated. Please use a non-Maple build environment. Report issues to the Marlin Firmware project

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