Kingroon KP5L Firmware to Download

Kingroon KP5L (half-assembled version) stock firmware to DOWNLOAD.

Kingroon KP5L (full diy version) stock firmware to DOWNLOAD. This is Marlin firmware that need you to compile. 

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taehyun-park - mayo 7, 2022


We updated KP5L firmware this time.
An exceptional noise occurs in the printer.
The machine doesn’t work.
Please give me the original KP5L firmware.
Thank you.

pci - abril 30, 2022

After the firmware is newly installed, the touch screen background picture (?) does not appear. Only small letters are displayed
The home screen Kingrune KP5L is also not displayed.
It’s not just me, it’s everyone else.
What should I do?

Peter Aarup - abril 18, 2022

BISAIRO. THANKYOU, i just started the printer up again and it seems to have solved the problem.

BISAIRO - abril 18, 2022

Peter Aarup—> Edit >INVERT_X_DIR 1—→ 0 in CFG file

Peter Aarup - abril 18, 2022

Yes i have isseu. my x+ and x- is the mirrored

hh - marzo 28, 2022

where is kp5m firmware?

Dennis - marzo 20, 2022

How do you install this in Windows 10?

Kingroon 3D official - marzo 19, 2022

Did you have any issue with this firmware?

Gyuha - marzo 16, 2022

i need update..

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