Oprogramowanie sprzętowe Kingroon KP5L do pobrania

Oprogramowanie sprzętowe Kingroon KP5L (wersja częściowo zmontowana) do POBRANIA .

Oprogramowanie sprzętowe Kingroon KP5L (pełna wersja do samodzielnego montażu) do POBRANIA . To jest oprogramowanie Marlin, które musisz skompilować.

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Następny artykuł Pobieranie oprogramowania sprzętowego Kingroon KP3


jean - czerwiec 7, 2024

je ai commande une carte mère pour une imprimante KP5l et j’ai reçu une CM pour KP3S .
Vous demande la procédure pour corriger le firmware et mettre a jour pour KP5L.

Jason - maj 28, 2024

Hi do I get full version of kp5 M firmware I used above to install 3D Touch but now printer has wrong firmware as mistakenly used the kp5 L above. Help appreciated

Scott Daisey - luty 11, 2024

hello first I want to say how pleased with your machine. I liked it so much I purchased a second from ebay, I want to say that your firmware download has the x axis inverted and needs to be changed. this is a simple change that will save your tech support a lot of headaches.

Thank you Again
Scott Daisey

Petr - luty 1, 2024

Worst company ever! Stock firmware from this website isnt working, no support for slicers. Never buy Kingroon again.

Николай - styczeń 18, 2024
Куратора Kingroon KP5L разбудите если он еще живой. С прошивкой надо что-то делать.

Пришлите пожалуйста на почту стоковую прошивку для kp5l, а не ту которая сейчас в загрузке (не рабочая или самому искать информацию и править ее).

Nikolai - styczeń 18, 2024

Пришлите пожалуйста на почту стоковую прошивку для kp5l.
Please send me the stock firmware for kp5l by email.

Gerardo - listopad 24, 2023

Updated my KP5L firmware donwloading it form this website, and my X-Axis is inverted.
Please support uploading appropriate firmware or sending it to my by e-mail.

Elijah - wrzesień 22, 2023

Installed back to factory firmware(supposedly) mulitple times and the x Axis is reversed on both KP5L printers. I’m going to have to pay someone on Fiver to fix this error.

Elijah - wrzesień 15, 2023

Your firmware is incorrect. I ordered and installed the 3D touch perfectly on 2 kp5l and I’m really starting to regret my purchase.

ronaldo ferraz - sierpień 25, 2023

the worst printer on the planet , and there is no one in this company to help with problems that came from the factory , the display goes off , it does not pause , temperature changes without me asking , and now it does not print anymore because it does not find the z axis , table is screwing up , warped table , etc… I bought it a month ago and I can not get my rights , I paid for rubbish

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