FAQ of Kingroon KP5M 3D Printer

Kingroon KP5M Screen Errors

Err 1: hot bed MAXTEMP

Err 2: nozzle MAXTEMP

Err 3: hot bed MINITEMP

Err 4: nozzle MINITEMP

Err 5: nozzle heating failure

Err 6: hot bed heating failure

Err 7: Thermal runaway

Check your nozzle temperature or your heatbed temperature by tapping "Preheat" button. A negative number indicates that the thermistor is in poor contact or has been damaged. 

Layers Misaligned and Shift

Loosing X/Y timing belts will cause to layer shift. Fix your timing belts when it appears. 

Clogged Nozzle

Heating up the nozzle, then remove the material remainings in the nozzle. Clean your nozzle or replace it with a new one. 

3D Printing Model Warping

a> Set different temperature according to differnt 3D print filaments. 

b> Relevel your 3D printer. Maybe the distance between the nozzle and the heatbed is too large that the first layer failed to stick on the heatbed. 

c> The printing speed of the first layer is too fast. We recommend you to set the first layer speed to 20mm/s. 


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Marcelo - abril 16, 2023

I tried to print the tritam at 100 degrees, it ended up not working, the material took off the table, but now I’m trying to print it again, it’s just giving me an error 1 .. what to do, it doesn’t print anything now

Pedro Martin - marzo 17, 2023

I have a problem with my new KP5L printer just a few days ago I received it, I changed the nozzle and closed everything. Now the screen shows me “Errr1” and the nozzle temperature indicator shows -46 degrees. Help, I’m new to 3D printing, any solution?

재형 - marzo 6, 2022

얼마전에 액정화면과 메인보드 구입 교체 다섯번정도 출력후 메인보드에서 연기나고 안되다 부품 교환비가 신품값보다 많이 나오것 같습니다 해결방법이 없을까요 오류5나오다 오류1 나오다 왔다갔다합니다

GUGLIELMO - febrero 14, 2022

Good evening, thank you for hosting me in this forum. I have problems with the KP3 printer, I have tried countless times to print an object in which I would need to insert a magnet, pausing the printer to be able to insert the magnet with gcode, but every attempt fails the printer stops, it goes in the set coordinates for pause position it does not emit any sound, and even if I ask to put a sentence in the LCD, it does not, but immediately returns to the piece and continues printing. I see that this problem is often attributed to the firmwere, I wanted to know if anyone had this problem and how they solved it. The code I used is this:

M83 ; switch to relative E values for any needed retraction
G1 F1500 E-10
G1 F300 Z2.8 ; move up a millimeter to get out of the way
G1 F9000 X0 Y0
G1 F300 Z15 ; too close to bed—move to at least 15mm
M104 S0 ; standby temperature
M117 calamita
M18 S30 ; Set the disarm timeout
M0 S240 CALAMITA ; Do the actual pause
M109 S190 ; resume temperature
G1 F1500 E10
G1 F199.998 E10; Extra extrude after the unpause
G1 F1500 E-10
G1 F300 Z1.8
G1 F9000 X89.999 Y95.9
G1 F300 Z1.8 ; move back down to resume height
G1 F1500 E10
G1 F2400 ; restore extrusion feedrate
M82 ; switch back to absolute E values
G92 E188.81869

I use CURA 4.13

My printer firware is: MKS Robin mini 2.0.8
Thans in advance

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