How to Prepare Klipper Firmware for Kingroon KP3S Using Fluiddpi

Klipper is a 3D printer firmware. It helps your 3D printers to print faster and better. Today we are going to talk about how to prepare Klipper firmware for Kingroon KP3S 3.0 3D printer by using Fluiddpi.

* Please be noted the tutorial only applys to Kingroon KP3S with MCU STM32 F103 mainboard and MCU GD32F303 mainboard. The Kingroon KP3S with MCU STM32F407 version of mainboard does NOT apply to this tutorial.

Get Kingroon KP3S Mianbord with Klipper firmware flashed HERE.


To use Klipper, we need the help of Fluiddpi, it’s a powerful project like Octopi. It contains Klipper in its image, so you don’t have to download and install it from the beginning. Of course, we will show you a better plan on Kliiper soon, which is how to use it on Octopi. You can get all the information you need on

Fluiddpi for Klipper 

Step 1 - Flash Fluiddpi

First, visit to download the latest Fluiddpi image.

Flash Fluiddpi

Once you finished, use the Raspberry Pi Imager to flash it. Click “Choose OS”, scroll to the bottom, select “Use custom”, then choose the file you just downloaded. Then press keys to preset wifi(On Windows control shift x. On Mac comand shift x). If you don’t know how, please check our last tutorial on how to set up Octopi to print on your KP3S. Please enable ssh and remember the password. And the WIFI signal cannot be 5G.

After flashing the image, you can set your Pi up, our last tutorial will show you how. If you have an extra SD card, you can switch between Octopi and Fluiddpi, all you need to do is changing the SD card.

Step 2 - Update Fluiddpi

Power up the pi, wait for a while, then visit http://fluiddpi.local to go to Fluiddpi’s dashboard. Please make sure your computer and pi are at the same network. If you don’t have a WIFI adapter, you can use cable network to instead.

Fluiddpi’s dashboard

Scroll down to the bottom, click the gear icon, update everything to the latest, it will take some time.

Since Klipper has changed its configure rules recently, the old “printer.cfg” files you download is no longer working. So we will use the latest Klipper as a start, and next time we will show you how to config this version to print.


Step 3 - Prepare Klipper Firmware

Once you finished, proceed to the next step. Open terminal on your computer, enter following commands.

ssh pi@fluiddpi.local

Prepare Klipper Firmware

If this doesn’t work, you need to go find out the Pi’s IP address and use that instead of “fluiddpi.local”. For example, ssh pi@ Then you need to enter the SSH password.

After that enter the following command to config the firmware.

Mac Users:
cd ~/klipper/
export LC_ALL=en_GB.UTF-8
make menuconfig

Windows Users:
cd ~/klipper/
make menuconfig
Klipper config settings

Then you will enter the config settings. Here are what you need to do:

1.Enable extra low-level configuration options

2.Set the Bootloader offeset as 28 KiB

3.Set the “Micro-controller Architecture” as “STMicroelectronics STM32”

4.Set the Communication interface as “USART3 PB11/PB10”

5.Enter the last option, enter “!PC6, !PD13”, the. Press enter key

Then press Q and enter “yes”, after that, the setup is done.

flash klipper firmware 

After that, enter “make” to build the firmware. It will take some time. Once you see “klipper.bin”, you’re successful. Then enter the rest two commands to finish this step.

/scripts/ ./out/klipper.bin ./out/Robin_nano.bin

cp out/Robin_nano.bin ~/fluidd/

Klipper firmware

Next, go to the browser, visit “http://fluiddpi.local/Robin_nano.bin” .  You will get a bin file, put it into the SD card. You are ready to flash the Klipper firmware to Kingroon KP3S 3D printer.

Klipper firmware to Kingroon KP3S

Step 4 - Flash Klipper Firmware

Put the SD Card into KP3S, turn it on, the firmware should start to flash. Once you see “100%”, you are all set. Now you are ready to use Klipper Firmware on Kingroon KP3S. We will show you guys how to config Klipper to print on the coming blogs. 

After that, connect the printer with raspberry.  Then go to the Terminal, enter below command.

ssh pi@fluiddpi.local 

(Then enter password to login)

cd ~/klipper/ 

ls /dev/serial/by-id/*

Then copy the marked line, paste it to the note, you will use it later.

Kingroon KP3S Klipper Firmware

Step 5, Configuration

Go visit this link and download its file.

Kingroon KP3S Klipper Firmware

After that, unzip the file and go to http://fluiddpi.local/#/configure

Upload all the config files.

Klipper Firmware for Kingroon KP3S

Since KP3S use a Titan extruder, it is necessary to correct the microsteps from 64 to 32. Click to open the stepper.cfg, rewrite the microsteps to 32.

Kingroon KP3S Klipper Firmware

After that, click “save&restart”.

Next, open the printer.cfg, find the [mcu] area, overwrite the serial with the line we copied on the note. (Ours are /dev/serial/by-id/usb-1a86_USB_Serial-if00-port0)

Klipper firmware of Kingroon KP3S

Then click “save&restart”. 

If you get below error.

Kingroon KP3S Klipper Firmware

Enter the following command:

cd ~/moonraker/scripts


Klipper Firmware for Kingroon KP3S 3D Printer

If it is still not working, open “moonraker.conf” and modify the server area as below: 



port: 7125


config_path: ~/klipper_config

log_path: ~/klipper_logs


temperature_store_size: 600

gcode_store_size: 1000


the Orignal look like following:



port: 7125

temperature_store_size: 600

gcode_store_size: 1000

config_path: ~/klipper_config

log_path: ~/klipper_logs

Kingroon KP3S Klipper Firmware

You can find the reference in

Kingroon KP3S Klipper Firmware

After that, you are all set.

Kingroon KP3S Klipper Firmware

You should revise the downloaded configuration file according to your own situation, for example, whether you're using auto bed leveling or not, or if you're using Klipper screen or not. If you want to save time, you can just download file through below links.

Please be aware that Klipper is a third-party project that may cause warranty loss, you are doing it at your own risk. Please follow the steps and choose the right bundles. Those models don’t share the settings. If you are using different models or different boards, please check to find more help. 


KP3S Klipper Bundles:


KP5L Klipper Bundles:


KP5M Klipper Bundles:


KP3S Pro Klipper Bundles:


Orange Pi Zero 2 Klipper Bundles(Tutorial Available Soon):

Also, you can watch this video and learn Klipper configuration set-up for Kingroon KP3S 3D printer.

Next, we are going to publish further settings and show you what Klipper can do.


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Guy Lanzone - febrero 8, 2023

Keep getting this error;
Moonraker warnings found.
[file_manager]: Option ‘config_path’ is deprecated, see the configuration documention at
[file_manager]: Option ‘log_path’ is deprecated, see the configuration documention at

simon - enero 2, 2023

works perfectly for KP3S Pro , thanks

Bosser2407 - diciembre 17, 2022

It doesn’t work with 3s PRO. I do everything according to the instructions, I get eternal booting on the display. Clipper does not connect to the printer. If you take your firmware, then everything works. But she’s old

Alfredo - noviembre 19, 2022

I would like to know if ypou will have a tutorial of Klipper for KP3S Pro, I would like to use Klipper when I get my KP3S Pro.

munekazu - octubre 30, 2022

Hi, For KP3S Pro, Isn’t the value of dir_pin in stepper_z “!PB4" instead of “PB4"?

Александр - septiembre 6, 2022

Всё получилось. Я просто взял удалил всё файлы из klippera и установил файлы которые предоставил kingroon в конце статьи.

Александр - septiembre 6, 2022

Всё получилось. Я просто взял удалил всё файлы из klippera и установил файлы которые предоставил kingroon в конце статьи.

АЛЕКСАНДР - septiembre 3, 2022

Good afternoon. I can’t run klipper without errors. 3 warnings appear
-gcode_macro pause is not defined in the configuration.
-gcode_macro resume is not defined in the configuration.
-gcode_macro cancel_print is not defined in the configuration.
the nozzle heater is working and the table heater is working.
The engines are not working. when selecting the home function, an error appears – it is impossible to read the uart register ‘stepper_z’ IF CNT
As soon as the main problem is fixed, use
the “FIRMWARE_RESTART” command to reset the firmware, reboot
configure and restart the host software.
The printer is turned off. And the error is written to the console because the printer is turned off. Please help me solve these problems.

Shocker - agosto 9, 2022

I am experiencing under-extrusion from the current setup. Tried tweaking the rotational_distance value in the configuration but have not yet found the right setting.

Mauro - agosto 1, 2022

Where can I download a superslicer profile? kp3s with klipper. Thanks

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