Kingroon KP3S Mainboard Diagram

Kingroon KP3S Mainboard Diagram
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Philip Pisano - enero 25, 2022

Hi I purchased a Kingroon KP3s printer last week and I’m having some trouble setting the extruder and hotbed temperature. I keep receiving an error 1 message. I was wondering if you could please recommend what the correct temperature should be set at for both the extruder and hotbed please? Thank you,
Philip Pisano.

Zach - enero 4, 2022


Can you supply the pinout for this board? I can’t seem to find the pinout for this board specifically, only other Robin nano boards. Thank you

NoTaMu - enero 2, 2022

@9R Hope this helps:

9R - diciembre 30, 2021

Could you also supply info about the MCU pins available on the various connectors? Especially the pins going to the display and the “TC” pins next to the 3d touch-connector would be of interest.

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