3D Printer Drag Chain Cable Carrier


Drag chain cable carriers for 3D printers, CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, glass machinery, doors and windows machinery, injection molding machines, robots, auto warehouses, and so on.

1. Made of reinforced nylon for low temperature, wear, and corrosion resistance
2. Neat looking with a glossy surface
3. Operates at low noise and works well for high-speed movement

Material: reinforced nylon
Type: bridge
Inner Size: 7*7mm / 10*10mm / 10*15mm (h*w) optional
Bending Radius: R18
Length: 1000mm

The cable diameter cannot exceed 90% of the inner height of the drag chain.
The cable width cannot exceed 80% of the inner width of the drag chain.

Package includes:
Drag chain * 1meter

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