Filament Dry Box for 3D Printing

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Filament dry box with rubber seal strips and desiccants to prevent 3D print filaments from absorbing moisture.


  1. Buckle design to lock the cover tight
  2. Rubber seal strips to isolate external moisture
  3. Desiccants are placed inside to absorb moisture
  4. LCD displays real time temperature and humidity
  5. Two couplers to fit different filament feeding directions on different 3D printers
  6. Aluminum spool holder inside to support filament spool


Material: plastic

Capacity: φ200*75mm

Size: 240*115*252mm

Weight: 584g

Packing Size: 250*130*270mm

Package includes:

Filament storage box *1

Teflon tube *1

Desiccant *2

Spool holder *1

Coupler cap *1