Preset Torque Wrench for 3D Printer Nozzle


This nozzle torque wrench has 1.8Nm and 2.5Nm for options. It can mount 3D printer nozzles to the most accurate torque range at an extremely fast speed. This will increase the security of your printer and your productivity.

Model Compatible
7mm E3D V6 Nozzle (Brass/Hardened Steel/Ruby/Plated Copper)
Trianglelab-V6 Nozzle (Brass/Hardened Steel/Ruby/Plated Copper)
Volcano Nozzle (Brass/Hardened Steel/Ruby/Plated Copper)
Trianglelab-Volcano Nozzle (Brass/Hardened Steel/Ruby/Plated Copper)
8mm MK8 Nozzle (Brass/Hardened Steel/Ruby/Plated Copper)

1. The hex wrench heads doesn't compatible with the MK10 nozzle. You need to purchase the corresponding size accessories separately.
2. We recommend that you do not disassemble the torque wrench at will. This is a 1.8Nm/ 2.5Nm twist. We have set the torque.

Package includes:
Nozzle Torque Wrench(1.8Nm/2.5Nm) *1
7MM Head*1
8MM Head*1
Connecting rod*1

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