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Daniel - czerwiec 16, 2024

My kingroon kp3s rejects the micro sd as if it had a spring that wouldn’t let it in. Thank you

luis alberto - luty 11, 2024

hola buenas noches

tengo problemas imprime en una esquina y no enmedio no se centra siempre empieza en la esquina

JOHN - grudzień 11, 2023

the sd card that came with the KP3S-FDM printer dosnt work and i cant find the files too put it on a new sd card so i can install the program too print on my new 3d printer. i wish your website had a direct link too to download the program and not just a redirect too a google drive. this should be simple but your website makes it unnecessarily complicated

Kristy - październik 8, 2023

I’m trying to print from SD card, but it won’t print. Loads file to 100%, but doesn’t start print at all. I have 64gb micro sd card, kingroon kp3s machine. Also, what causes filament to be pushed out and unload from spool when printing? Thanks.

EdS - październik 4, 2023

Dear Support,
The MicroSD card that came with the printer no longer works. The card appears to be de-laminating.

I downloaded the Original Kingroon KP3S 3D printer SD card files and copied all the files to a new MicroSD card, but the receive “no files found” from the KP3S when I try to select a file to print.

The g-code files were all placed in the root directory of the MicroSD card, with copies of all the g-code files also placed in the “stl” directory.

What capacities of MicroSD card are valid to be used? What are the minimum and maximum usable capacities? The new card I purchased has 64 GB capacity.

What formatting should be used for the MicroSD card?

How much would it cost to purchase a new MicroSD card with the original SD files directly from Kingroon?



Mariusz - wrzesień 5, 2023

Uruchamianie drukarki kończy się na loading, drukarka się zawiesza.

victor antonio amaya rojas - lipiec 23, 2023

hola recientemente adquirí la kingroon kps3 S1 intento imprimir pero se escucha un pitido fuerte y no hace nada mas que paso tengo que hacer para poder imprimir gracias

Allan Christensen - czerwiec 17, 2023

Used once now err5 :(

Richard - kwiecień 19, 2023

When I try to print, there is a loud beeping sound. What is the issue and how do I fix?

Fernando Carvalho - luty 23, 2023

Boa noite,
Comprei uma KP3 – FDM montei tudo certo e quando inseri o cartão para realizar o teste da impressão simplesmente não há nenhuma informação no cartão, é normal essa situação?

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