PET PEI Sheet 257x257mm Build Plate For Bambu Lab P1P


Easy to Install: The PEI PET spring steel sheet is flat and flexible, it comes without a magnetic base sheet, but could be magnetically attracted to the hotbed, because Lab X1 3D printer heated bed is magnetic, just put and print.

Simple and Lossless Mold Removal: The spring steel sheet can be bent to remove the mold quickly, without the help of other tools. And the plate could be returned to a flat state, no deformation.


Size: 257x257mm

Compatible with: Bambu Lab X1 Serices X1 / X1C / X1C Combo (X1-Carbon Combo) 

Notice Please cool the PET PEI steel plate before removing the 3D printing model.

Packing list

1x Upgrade 257*257mm Build Plate