Engraving File Needle Deburring Tool Kit Sanding Tools for 3D Prints Cutter Scraper

Suitable for hardened steel, glass, tile, stone, gold, and polishing 3D models etc

Dimensions: 3×140mm

Grit: #120

Material: Diamond + Steel + Plastic


1. The first knife inserted in the middle of the head gap Arbor, appropriate to tighten the nut head, ready to use.

2. Hold the same way to hold a pen, like, hard to force the appropriate direction consistent with the direction of the blade to avoid lateral provoke.

3. in order to protect the blade, blade extends the use of time, and should be engraved paper plate mat board or wax paper under. Not recommended for use on rubber, glass marble wood!

Package Included:

10pcs/ 5pcs/10pcs different shape needle file.