TwoTress TTC450 120W CNC Engraver Cutting Machine Laser


Two Tress TTC450 120W CNC Engraver Cutting Machine Laser Carving GRBL 3 Axis with Offline Controller Milling Cutting Engraving machine. TTC-450 is a high-precision and easy-to-use product designed for the carving needs of DIY enthusiasts, designers, small and micro businesses, and carpenters.

Currently, we have done the firmware upgrade for TTC450:

1. adapt EaseL programming and control all-in-one software to solve the programming problems of existing customers. It also satisfies the previously adapted Candle control software.

2. Change the tool setting instruction to improve the accuracy of tool setting (the premise of using tool setting block: the programming origin is set on the material surface, only the XY axis coordinates need to be zeroed after tool setting, and the Z axis value is default).

3. Solve the problem of interference with the serial port when the Candle is connected to the machine on the computer side and the screen is used at the same time.


1. Engraving Size: 460X460X80mm engraving area, to meet the vast majority of users' size needs, but also the mainstream size on the market on similar products.

2. Multi-Control Mode: Using ESP32 main control, support WiFi wireless connection APP carving, USB, offline carving, 32-bit master chip. Multi-functional motherboard can be expanded to add a laser head, the fourth axis.

3. Accurate Knife: Z-axis screw can be lifted, adjustment can be adapted to the height of 80MM items, suitable for a variety of wood board thickness of relief . Cutting and plane processing.

4. Safety Emergency Stop: Emergency stop switch when an emergency occurs, people can quickly press this switch button to achieve the protection measures to avoid mechanical accidents or personal accidents.

5. Off-line Safety: Power indicator light, easy to observe whether the power has been cut off in the garage or at night from a distance to prevent accidents.

6. Carving Diversity: 8000 rpm large torque 775 motor can carve wood, aluminum, acrylic and other materials. Clamping ball cutter, milling cutter, carving knife can achieve different the same carving effect.

7. Convenient Fixing: Processing table screw processing pressure plate fixed way, convenient to fix the carving object, to meet all kinds of shaped workpiece fixed.

8. High Precision: X, Y, Z three axes using a screw drive. Precise positioning and large torque output.

9. Easy to Install: Three axes separate component installation, easy assembly, improve user experience.

10. Commercial Value: X, Y, Z-axis three axes double limit function, repeatable positioning engraving processing in batch.

11. Good Engraving Compatibility: With different collets can adapt to the following diameter tools 7MM diameter, reserved for modification hole position.